The Alberta Lymphedema Association and IMD Health Global Announce Partnership to Improve Quality of Patient Education

The Alberta Lymphedema Association is pleased to announce an important new partnership with IMD Health Global. This partnership will be invaluable in providing easily accessible, up-to-date digital health education to healthcare providers, patients and their families on the IMD platform.

IMD’s health education platform is one of the largest in North America, offering healthcare providers and patients instant access to graphics, videos and other educational resources spanning 6,000+ health topics. These resources facilitate meaningful dialogue between healthcare professionals and patients inside the examination room, at hospital bedsides and pharmacies, and during virtual consultations.

Alberta Lymphedema Association resources are now freely available on IMD Health. This means that IMD’s established healthcare provider network can send lymphedema patients home with resource packages containing trusted information on disease understanding, finding a lymphedema clinic or therapist in the Alberta area, webinars on lymphedema research, lymphedema and exercise, and more!

“We are very pleased to partner with IMD Health Global to ensure that Alberta physicians, healthcare providers and, most importantly, patients find accurate and trusted information on lymphedema.”

“We are very excited to be collaborating with Alberta Lymphedema Association in order to provide our clinicians, patients and their families with trusted information on lymphedema.”

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Setting up an account is quick and easy, and gives you access to educate your patients with resources from 100+ partnered associations, including the Alberta Lymphedema Association, Canadian Lymphedema Framework, Wounds Canada, Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Skin Patient Alliance, and many others.

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