Research Studies Seeking Participants

Interested in taking part in studies which further research on lymphedema? Here are some of the latest studies currently seeking participants.

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EXCEL is the EXercise for Cancer to Enhance Living Well study. This study provides an exercise program to Canadians living with and beyond cancer.

You may be eligible if you have/had a cancer diagnosis; are pre-cancer treatment, receiving treatment, or within 3 years of treatment completion; are able to participate in mild/moderate physical activity; and are 18+ years old and able to consent in English.

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The Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic at the University of Alberta is conducting a study on breast cancer related lymphedema. DREAM is a study to see whether combining compression with strength training will result in improved arm swelling in individuals with breast cancer.

You may be eligible for this study if you are a female with breast cancer, have finished your cancer treatment, have mild to moderate swelling in your arm that has occurred as a result of your breast cancer treatment, are in the maintenance phase of lymphedema, and have a newly fitted compression sleeve.

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Dr. Spencer Gibson and Dr. Nirav Patel at the University of Alberta are inviting volunteers to take part in a study on why people develop swelling and how it can better be treated.

You may be eligible of you will be receiving treatment for swelling OR if you are at high risk for experiencing swelling (such as cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment).

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Megan Cox of Memorial University, under the supervision of Dr. Erin McGowan, is exploring the physical activity levels, benefits and barriers, quality of life, and preferences for individuals experiencing lymphedema in Canada. With a secondary purpose of exploring the impact of COVID-19 on physical activity levels and lymphedema management.  The results of this study will help gain a better understanding of lymphedema here in Canada, assist with future physical activity program development and lymphedema treatment, as well as provide information on the impact of COVID-19.

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