The Alberta Lymphedema Association promotes awareness of, and education about, Lymphedema within the medical community and general public of Alberta.


What is Lymphedema, and what are the two major types? Could you be at risk? Learn more about Lymphedema, its causes, and its treatments.

Where can you obtain information, advice and treatment for Lymphedema? Our Clinics page provides contact information for care providers in Alberta.


Locate and learn more about Lymphedema therapists in Alberta, as well as the Canadian Lymphedema Framework, via our Therapists page.


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On March 6, 2019, the Alberta Lymphedema Association presented a check for more than $29,000 to the Calgary Health Trust to help ensure patients who use Calgary Ambulatory Lymphedema Services (CALS) will have access to care that will improve their quality of life.


The Alberta Lymphedema Association is a charitable organization that aims to aid and support those impacted by lymphedema of all kinds.  Working from a patient perspective, together we support, empower and advocate for those impacted by this disease in order to promote optimal health. We invite you to learn more about us:

What is lymphedema? It is a disease that affects your lymphatic system.

The job of your body’s lymphatic system is to help your tissues drain excess fluid and stay healthy.

When the lymphatic system is faulty or damaged, fluid buildup can cause swelling that could be the early signs of lymphedema.


Want to know more about lymphedema? Visit our resources section to learn about lymphedema and the lymphatic system, view web resources & presentations, and more.


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Alberta Lymphedema Association maintains a list of medical professionals who work with patients to diagnose and treat lymphedema. See our current list of therapists.

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