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Our Story

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Alberta Lymphedema Association

The Alberta Lymphedema Association (ALA) is a charitable organization founded in 2003 by a team of people who recognized the need to help people living with, or at risk of, lymphedema. A learning association committed to ongoing education of its stakeholders, ALA works to make a difference and empower affected individuals and their families to help manage this condition. ALA works from the patient standpoint.

Brief History
  • 2006 - Produced and submitted petition so that lymphedema patients would get the needed treatment paid for by Alberta Health Service (AHS) which was tabled in the legislature.
  • 2006 - All Alberta breast cancer lymphedema patients receive treatment paid for by AHS.
  • 2007-2009 - Letter writing campaign and advocacy meetings.
  • 2009 - Face to face with the Health Minister.
  • 2010 - We had our first lymphedema symposium with 400 people attending.
  • 2010 - Met with deputy health minister, requesting funded treatment for all lymphedema patients. As a result AHS established an lymphedema working group which included ALA.
  • 2011 - We had our first meeting of the AHS Lymphedema Working Group.
  • 2013 - We had our 2nd symposium at which we announced that a clinic to treat primary and non cancer lymphedema patients would open in Calgary. ALA definitely had an impact on this pivotal decision.
  • 2013 - ALA was asked to be on an Advisory Clinic Committee to help with the logistics. From all the information that the AHS Lymphedema Working Group did we were able to move forward quickly.
  • 2013-2014 - With the opening of the clinic AHS has set up a Patient Advisory Group. Diane Martin was honored to have been asked to co-chair with Lisa Warner (AHS Director Calgary Zone). Kate Nedjelski (member and Mother of primary lymphedema child) is also part of the advisory group.
  • 2015 co-hosted a National Lymphedema Conference which was a great success with high level representatives from Alberta Health Services.
  • Held a Alberta Stakeholders Meeting: Bringing those who are involved in the care of lymphedema within the province of Alberta together to discuss strategic planning and a path forward regarding lymphedema care, education and treatment Alberta. The discussion theme was How to improve communication and access to health care in the context of lymphedema in Alberta and how to streamline the responsibility between the public and private health care system.
  • 2015 - On December 16, 2015 ALA had a meeting with Health Minister Sarah Hoffman in regards to further funding, more clinics, backlog at the clinics for primary patients and help finding a doctor for patients.
  • 2016 working with a representative of Health Minister Sarah Hoffman.
  • Contacted all lymphedema clinics and certified lymphedema therapists to capture the number of lymphedema patients there are in Alberta. This information was passed onto the Health Ministers representative.
  • 2017 continue to advocate for lymphedema patients by attending events. Still on the advisory group for the AHS lymphedema clinic. Sent letter to Canadas Health Minister to ask for help in getting all the other provinces health services to provide treatment for lymphedema patients. Help other provinces with information to help them work with their health services.
  • 2018 Communicating with the Internal Medicine in regards to establishing a diagnostic protocol for Lymphedema patients and continuing our work to advocate for all lymphedema patients.

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